Maximising impact: The power of effective project evaluation in Southern Africa

In the landscape of development initiatives, large-funded projects often carry immense potential for positive change. However, in South Africa and beyond, many of these initiatives stumble despite good intentions. Often, the root cause is not a lack of enthusiasm but rather a shortfall in the essential skills needed to navigate complex challenges and achieve lasting transformation.

Central to addressing this issue is rigorous project evaluation. Large-funded projects require thorough validation processes, including mid-term reviews (MTR) and end-point assessments. Effective evaluations can make the difference between success and failure, significantly impacting conservation, upliftment and household economies across Southern Africa. However, navigating the landscape of project evaluation presents challenges. Funders grapple with concerns over accountability and sustainability, while grant recipients seek validation and potential additional funding. Herein lies the importance of good project evaluation.

Our framework, based on the robust criteria outlined by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development’s Development Assistance Committee (OECD DAC), offers a comprehensive perspective tailored to Southern Africa’s unique context. Specialising in conservation and sustainable livelihoods, we bring extensive experience and a commitment to post-project sustainability.

What sets us apart is our approach. We view evaluation as a collaborative journey, rooted in partnership and a nuanced understanding of local contexts. By combining environmental, socio-economic, and people-development skills, we provide actionable recommendations that go beyond theory.

To those seeking to maximise their impact in Southern Africa and beyond, we extend an invitation: get in touch, and let’s explore how effective project evaluation can pave the way for lasting transformation. Together, we can turn aspirations into tangible realities, shaping a brighter future for communities and ecosystems alike.


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Pinpoint Sustainability
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